Standing Committees

The Wayne County System of Care supports a series of Standing Committees

  • Executive Committee, which consists of the Team Tri-Chairs; the System of Care Fiscal Officer; and the Human services Agency Director;
  • By-Laws Committee -- chaired by Margaret Ennis; Mission -- The youth, family and system leaders of Wayne County will work as equal and trusted partners in creating sustainable change that will empower youth, families and all youth-serving systems to be responsible and accountable for outcomes that lead to the fulfillment of hopes and dreams.
  • Recruitment Committee , chaired by Crystal Crum; Mission -- The Recruitment Subcommittee of the Wayne County System of Care will recruit, educate, and orient 25% youth and 25% family members to the System of Care Principals in order for youth and family to participate on our County System of Care Team.
  • Training and Education Committee, chaired by Joshua Martin; Mission -- The Education/Training Committee will cross train staff and community members on how to educate families on System of Care and how the agencies will work together. The Committee will facilitate an interaction that is rooted in respect, validation, and openness toward those with different social and cultural perceptions and expectations than our own.
  • Cultural/LinguisticA Committee, chaired by Rick Hnatko;
  • Data Evaluation Committee, chaired by Kimmie Yarrish-Simon; Mission -- The Data Evaluation Subcommittee of the Wayne County Systems of Care Leadership Team takes an active role in gathering and reviewing data for the purposes of informed decision-making. Data is used to determine the strengths and challenges of county systems, services, and supports and identifies areas of improvement.