Manure Management Requirements

The state Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) has recently released new guidelines related to Manure Management on Pennsylvania farms.

Every farm in Pennsylvania that land applies manure or agricultural process wastewater (generated on the farm or received from an importer), regardless of size, is required to have and implement a written Manure Management Plan. This includes manure and agricultural process wastewater application by various types of equipment and/or direct application of manure by animals on pastures and in Animal Concentration Areas (ACAs). In other words, farms that do not mechanically apply manure but which do have pastures or ACAs still need a manure management plan.

In order to assist with the development of a Manure Management Plan DEP has developed a Manure Management Plan Workbook. The workbook contains the necessary information for developing a manure management Plan. The plan must include the information identified in the workbook.

To further assist with maps for your agricultural operation Penn State in cooperation with DEP has developed a web based mapping program title PA One Stop.  This program works best with Mozilla Firefox.

If you have any questions or need assistance with your manure management plan or your agricultural operation please contact the Wayne Conservation District at 648 Park Street, Honesdale Pa 18431, Telephone 570-253-0930.

Links to information;

Manure Management Plan Workbook

PA One Stop

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