Permits are required, in most cases, when altering the State’s water resources. If you are installing a culvert, building a dock or bridge, or working in a stream most likely a permit is required. The type or level of permit is dependent upon the size and scope of the activity you propose.

The Department of Environmental Resources adopted a new fee schedule for all permits related to water and the Chapter 105 program. This includes General Permits which were previously free. Please click on the Fee Calculation schedule below.

Contact our office if you are considering an activity involving water.

The District acknowledges General Permits associated with the Chapter 105 Program as delegated by DEP.

• Any of the General Permit (GP’s) notification forms should be sent to Wayne Conservation District. The exceptions are GP10, GP11, and GP15 notification forms that should be sent to DEP Northeast Regional Office.

The following links contain the complete permit information including all necessary forms for registration of your project. They are in Word format or PDF format for your use.

Full permit packages(pdf format)

Ø        GP-1, Fish Habitat Enhancement Structures

Ø        GP-2, Small Docks and Boat Launching Ramps

Ø        GP-3, Bank Rehabilitation, Bank Protection, and Gravel Bar Removal

Ø        GP-4, Intake and Outfall Structures

Ø        GP-5, Utility Line Stream Crossings

Ø        GP-6, Agricultural Crossings and Ramps

Ø        GP-7, Minor Road Crossings

Ø        GP-8, Temporary Road Crossings

Ø        GP-9, Agricultural Activities

Ø        GP-10, Abandoned Mine Reclamation

Ø        GP-11, Maintenance, Testing, Repair, Rehabilitation, or Replacement of Water Obstructions and Encroachments

Ø        GP-15, Private Residential Construction in Wetlands

• Joint Encroachment Permit.
• Environmental Assessment Package HERE.
• PNDI Project Planning Environmental Review for permit applications: Pennsylvania Natural Heritage Program

The DEP’s CHAPTER 93 WATER QUALITY STANDARDS HERE in Wayne County (drainage lists A, B, C, I, AND J).